Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Comics Process for Thesis

Finished colored pages of the first 3 short stories of my still unnamed comic collection. These six pages took roughly two and a half months. Fail, but at least they're at the quality I want. I wanted them to be made in the lithograph process, only assembled digitally. This took layers of transparency paper, late nights, and coffee. Hopefully I can do another 4-6 pages along with a cover and assemble a mini book by the end of the semester.

Also, side note. Saw amazing exhibits of Islamic Art, Indian Illuminated Manuscripts, and my favorite exhibits which features a Tibetan Shrine and Religious Paintings at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in D.C.

I think altogether it was called "In the Realm of the Buddha" I love Tibetan Buddhist Art because of the colors, the crazy detail, the macabre. It fascinates and slightly frightens me. Being in the shrine kind of felt like being in the Fatal Frame game. AAANNND there's this really cool video of a Buddhist making an elaborate Tibetan sand mandala. AND THEN WIPES IT AWAY. It's supposed to signify "The impermanence of existence". For me this mindset is from mars....BUT THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT AWESOME.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Updating because Rose told me to.
So here's my new studio...I'm still working on the painting to the left for my hamburger series. This is where I live roughly between 11 a.m. - 2 a.m. almost everyday.

This is what happens to my butterscotch pudding if I don't get any sleep.

And here's my thesis in progress. It's a collection of comic shorts that will hopefully become a small book by the end of the semester....i hope.

Only three stories so far. Two are about castration and human decomposition from the books Bonk and Stiff, both by Mary Roach. and one story is about my fear of Goliath Bird Eating spiders. So the themes of my stories are awkwardness, random info, and fears.
Ironically, these are also the three factors that govern most of my life.