Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thesis: Holy Hamburger Part 1

Finished the first of the 4 posters in my Holy Hamburger series.
used acrylic ink, gouache, watercolor pencils, watercolor pastels, india ink, some other type of ink....
took 3 weeks. a couple of sleepless nights, and a lot of tylenol/advil.The original is 18x24 in.
Here's a picture for a sense of the scale.

Tried to sell some 11x17 and 8.5x11 prints at the Baltimore Comicon, but I think i need to sell poster size prints because it didn't seem to appeal to people in smaller form.
oh will update on lessons learned and pictures of Comicon later. Also here's a detail from one of my favorite parts before I painted the color in: