Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sketches for Far Far Away assignment for Concepts Class

Sketches for Concepts. The assignment is "Far Far Away" Illustrating from a list of imaginary places. the first sketch is for Chana, a place where people worship various things that change daily. The second and last sketches is for Alifbay, the saddest city that is divided betweent he rich, middle class, and poor.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Drink Reviews/Sketches/ Yes I'm that bored

Lately I've been going to the korean market with my sister and buying a bunch of
different drinks that I normally would be afraid of. This is partially for the Edible class that I'm not officially in, the need to feed my obsession with collecting food packages, and because I'm .....bored. La. Oh yeah, and it was a bad idea to drink them all at once. blaaargh. Also I forgot to mention the green drink in "Yes! The Best!" is Green plum.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Comic: Mouth Vortex and Comic Influeces (Taiyo Matsumoto, Junji Ito, Datuk Lat)

New comic for illustrophilia. I like how my shared blogs force me to update this blog. One thing, this was influenced not only by my need to draw a mouth vortex, burger suckers, and a nose hair guitar ...but also by my love of Taiyo Matsumoto's work. Ex Tekkon Kinkreet, which was made into an awesome movie:

I want to get EVERYTHING!!!! I have Blue Springs, Tekkon kinkreet, No. 5 vol 1 and 2, and I even got this anthology of french and japanese comic artists because he was included. I had Ping Pong and Hana Otoko, but now they are tragically lost. I want THIS. Definitely in Japan I will get as much as I can---even if I have to throw away my clothes to make it all fit. I don't care if I can't read any of it. It's all just so beautiful.

ALSO, I love the linework and grotesqueness of Junji Ito. Unfortunately I lost my collection of his stuff too....Gyo, Tomie, Uzumaki, shorts.....ugh...I can't think about it, it makes me sad.
Anyways, here's an example of his work; this is from Uzumaki (stories about a town haunted by spirals):

AND FINALLY (for now) I've recently gotten into Datuk Lat's work.

I love Kampung Boy.
I wish I could read the other work he's done, the stuff that hasn't been brought to America.(like a lot of the other stuff above) Also I wish I could find that Discovery Channel Documentary about him. I did find this T.V show based off of Kampung Boy:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Work from Joint Blogs

Since I worked on these, I might as well post it here too. Especially since now it's 5:22 a.m.
This is a new comic for the illustrophilia blog. This is basically what I've become over the break:

Comic for the assignment last week.

Badge sketches for The Society of the Okay blog.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Final Intro to 3D Animation Project

This is the LAST of my work this semester. I did not realize how long all of that would take. Anyways this project was a team project with Julia Kim, who ended up fixing a lot of my mistakes. We both almost died during this three week project. A lot of sleepless nights and soup went into this. Below is the animation, screenshots, and some of the work from my part.

Final animation (better to watch it in high quality on youtube):

Screenshots of the scene and masks:

The model:

Main Mask design:

Concept sketches for masks (unused):


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Intro to 3D

This is work from my intro to 3D class taught by Greg Foertsch, who works here. This class was difficult, but definitely worth taking. 3D max is a good tool to know, or at least experiment with as an art tool. I found out that I like texturing a lot. My models weren't that great, but lighting, color, and texture can improve a lot of things. I'd definitely love to learn other programs, or continue exploring 3D. I miss 2D animation though. I'd like to continue with either, but I'll have to see what I can do in my schedule. Again, starting with the most recent work. I'll post the final later. (the progressing is very obvious because I'd never used the program before ^_^):

Creating an environment, first animation (moving the camera and object in the scene) I never figured out why the oyster edges don't connect....anyways, the video looks better in higher quality...if you feel like going through the link to youtube.

Midterm. YUM.

More organic materials, playing with the terrain.

More detailed objects, addition of textures, pelting.
Basic shapes, lighting, color.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Character Developement Final: TV Pitch

Here's my character development final, the TV Pitch packet. This was a fun and exhausting project. One note, my teacher suggested that “Gastronauts” (the show) was--instead of Kid's Next Door meets food channel, more like children's Indiana Jones, which actually makes more sense. It would be awesome to be able to work on an animated tv show, but I know I'll never come up with anything as awesome as Tek Jansen. I did watch some clips of Chowder, since my classmates said my show was similar to it, or at least it deals with food. Now I wish I had cable so I could watch more.

The Pitch/Plot:

Characters in an Environment:

The Characters:


Monday, January 5, 2009

Concepts Class

Work from my Concepts class, taught by Rebecca Bradley. It was pretty difficult working more...commercially(?), but I know it has to be done. I think I learned this year that I prefer 1 week assignments over anything longer—otherwise I end up overworking/thinking things.
Also, I think my problem is that I don't have a particular style and I like changing up my materials depending on the subject and/or aesthetic I'm aiming for. I'm not sure how that will work for me when I graduate...but here’s the work, again starting from the most recent pieces:

My final illustration assignment. Each of us had to write an assignment for the whole class and then we randomly were assigned what other people had written for us. My assignment was "Sinister Aladdin". It was one week, and one of my favorite assignments. Especially since I got a chance to work in layers traditionally like back in sophomore year. Used charcoal, ink, acrylic inks, gouache, shimmery paint, gloss medium.
Movie spot illustration for Burn After Reading. Had some trouble with George Clooney and Tilda Swinton. Actually I have trouble with portraits in general, but this was a fun assignment, I liked the sketches I did in the theatre too, so maybe I'll post them later.
Map assignment. My idea was "Miss Ann Thrope's Maps", maps for other misanthropes, ways to avoid people, places to go, etc. The idea may have been too complicated for a two week assignment. I liked my line work (almost died drawing it all) but not so much the coloring. Maybe one day I'll revisit
Gift wrap assignment. My theme was spring. I missed doing brush painting with sumi ink and rice paper.

Poster design assignment that was actually used for these bands at the 8x10 club in Baltimore. Didn't get at chance to attend the concert though, got caught up with work. It was a difficult illustration to come up with, each band was so different (Higher Hands, The Grilled Lincolns, Sara and the Help).

This assignment was to make an illustration based off of a statement from "Overheard in NY". Then we had to turn it into some type of product. I thought this would be a fun billboard. This was cut paper, sort of a continuation of a design I did for the HHF, right here. I admit, it's a little hard to read, my quote was "Chicken is the enemy of man."
First assignment, which was an op ed piece for the New Yorker. Requirements were black and white. My piece is based off of an article on how the pop memorabilia of today is equal to the value of religious relics in the past. Also, I am apologizing in advance for the guitar not being left-handed.