Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 APA DC Film Festival Poster/Image

Made the image for the 2011 12th Annual D.C APA Film Festival that's starting the beginning of October. Thanks to Minki Kim and Jenny Kim for the opportunity.
It was a fun, open, and flexible project to be a part of. I'm only posting the image, there's text that is going to be added, but I'm not in charge of that.

Speaking of film festivals, there's also a FREE virtual Asian Festival, DigiFest, which is open online until the end of this year. I recommend the documentaries "Macho Like Me" and "Finding Face", which I actually missed in the 2010 APA Film Fest.

Since I haven't been through my blogspot until now ( I know, shame shame shame) I didn't realize how fast all the other artists I've been following have changed and evolved. I had this feeling too after going to this year's SPX. It makes me feel simultaneously inspired and guilty, but that's good because that is what motivates work. At least my work. Creative shame.

I guess I'll end with a link to my 3 panel submission/Mangosteen mini comic.