Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SPX 2010!!!!!!!!

"The Society of the Okay" (Annie Wu, Emma Rochon, and me)
will be sharing a table at this year's SPX.

My "Tales of Tiger Balm" newsprint comics and other stuffs will be FOR SALE!
(sample pages preview here)
The best thing about these newsprint comics is that you can be using them for so many things afterwards: lining pet cages, washing windows, cheap gift wrap...AND you'll sleep well knowing that your money went to my well-being and/or student loans.

Unable to make the trip to Bethesda Sept 11 and 12th?
Comics are also available on my online shop here.
IT WILL BE OK. (as long as you buy my stuff)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Tales of Tiger Balm (comic form)

This comic of my process while making Tales of Tiger Balm will be included with the copies of the comic.

Other News....

So I went to the bank with my sister today holding a fake golden alm bowl and a Hello Kitty piggy bank full of my life's worth in change.
Originally I asked my sister to exchange my coins to cash for me, but she was too embarrased to be seen with the piggy bank.
I find that to be silly because she had no problem standing next to me while I periodically fingered Hello Kitty from behind to get the money rattling out onto the

Inside of a very quiet, very stoic bank.

$43.03. Score!

Also glass stuffed animal eyes equal 5 cents.

Friday, August 13, 2010


First page of the recently finished Tales of Tiger Balm.

The process: After inking I do colors studies and then I do each color and the text in separate layers of tracing paper to assemble later digitally. If there were a longer more tedious way to do this, I would probably do it..

I had to go to a chiropractor because of this project and get stretching charts.
I try to remember to get up every hour to stretch, but then 2-3 hours go by...and then it's next week.

I haven't been outside for a long time.

Also, side note to self--am easily startled, so NOT a good idea to watch Supernatural while inking.

Meatpaper 12 Cover and Feature and Boing Boing

My burger prints are the cover of the 12th issue of Meatpaper
Also I ended up having two of my paintings from my Holy Hamburger Series
featured inside because they had a number of stories about cheeseburgers

This actually happened a month ago, but I was sidetracked by the Tiger Balm project, which is the reason why I haven't breathed outdoor air for many days.

Also, thanks to Mary Roach, I was able to have my Castration Comic featured on Boing Boing.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tales of Tiger Balm Inking

First page inked in the Tales of Tiger Balm progress
Text hand lettered on tracing paper.
I have re-inked the same lines and rewrote the words in this comic over and over, like a crazy person.......or the man that created the Devil's Bible.

Is it weird that despite the neurotic compulsions, that the act of inking may be the happiest moments of my life?
Or sad?
At least it is productive.