Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thesis: Holy Hamburger Part 2 and 3

Two more paintings for my 4 Part Holy Hamburger series. See Part one here.
Part two:
Was less trouble, but had a whole new set of problems since I decided to work inversely, white on black, which I haven't done before.

Part 3: Came out the best. better planned. Worked on it on the same time as Part 4 which I then abandoned in order to have this finished by finals. Condensed 3 weeks-1 month work in 1.5 week. But not without consequence. This was Nyquil/Motrin/Sick/chronique nosebleeds because of the excessive Nyquil/no sleep week.

Lessons Learned: Time management fail. Gained ability to feel nothing until 6-7 a.m., Possible irrevocable liver damage.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Locking zine that never was.

Two sketches for a zine about locking and a pin design for breakdance club at art market, which I ended up not being much help at since I was hopped up on Nyquil and Motrin to supress my germs and stress in order to finish my finals.
I liked how these pages turned out, and maybe I'll continue it for fun one day....but probably not since dancing is for fun and art is for work and I don't like to mix the two. At least not for now.

Also, one of my favorite locking videos:

Massively Late Update: Comicon and Sketches of 2009

Extremely late post on The Society of the Okay's (just Annie Wu, Emma Rochon, and Me) debut in 2009 Baltimore Comicon.

Basic recap of events and life lessons learned: Annie forced children to take lollipops, Emma got herself a patron, ate burger behind the booth, was glad I saw Idiot Books there and amused myself with Ten Thousand Stories I bought from them, and I am terrible at self promotion because I either hide or repel people. For instance, I use the booth as a fort, I have no facial recognition for people once I'm behind the booth, so I become rude aaaand I dress like this:

And the ever popular mini cards from
Also sketchbook stuff from this year. AND my prethesis/holy hamburger sketches.