Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thesis: Holy Hamburger Part 1

Finished the first of the 4 posters in my Holy Hamburger series.
used acrylic ink, gouache, watercolor pencils, watercolor pastels, india ink, some other type of ink....
took 3 weeks. a couple of sleepless nights, and a lot of tylenol/advil.The original is 18x24 in.
Here's a picture for a sense of the scale.

Tried to sell some 11x17 and 8.5x11 prints at the Baltimore Comicon, but I think i need to sell poster size prints because it didn't seem to appeal to people in smaller form.
oh will update on lessons learned and pictures of Comicon later. Also here's a detail from one of my favorite parts before I painted the color in:


  1. your painting is fucking epic

    and i love your hamburger theme. if only they were boca burgers with tillamook cheddar cheese, then i'd like them better. haha!

  2. Ariyana! These pieces are AWESOMEEEE!!!! The level details is insane! Great topic also, keep it up! I'll be checking often to see your progress.

  3. this is what I dreaming everynight, bubba making burges for me before I go to sleeppp...haha

  4. lol omg. you must reeeealy love hamburgers. nice work.

  5. Ariyana! I didn't buy one of these at art market, and have no good reasons why. How much shall I pony up for an 11x17 of this?