Monday, September 13, 2010


SPX was tiring BUT FUN! It was nice seeing people I know again (especially after moving home) and thanks to people that bought my work!

My side of the table. Look things are propped and organized.....sort of.

The rest of "The Society of the Okay" Annie Wu and Emma Rochon.
Dressed up in V-necks for the gentlemen.

Hard at work. Oh by the way that's the look Annie gives when she catches you secretly taking photos of her. She gives me that look all the time.

Hard at work...on that Mcgriddle!!!

Other SPX 2010 Weekend Highlights:

1. Couples walking by my Castration comic poster. The lady always laughs pointing out the comic to her boyfriend. He shakes his head and smiles, but it's a stiff smile that says, "No. we are not doing that." as he coaxes her away from the table.

2. I temporarily suffer from Facial Blindess at these things. I find that I'm not registering facial details for future interactions when I talk to people because I'm busing trying to pass inherent behaviors, like "awkward" into "possibly-charmingly-eccentric". Either way I feel guilty if I do blow someone off by accident, and then I end up chasing them down to apologize...which might actually be more embarrassing...

3. Selling work. Promoting. Buying stuff/ supporting my favorite/new artists (and staying on a budget whoo!)

4. Interacting with people and artists. For me, it's stressful on both ends (being the artist and reg. Joe), but it's important and good exercise for those social skills I picked up in college.
In relation, Annie and I went up to R. Sikoryak. We showed him Magenta Placenta. I don't remember what I said...but I'm pretty sure it wasn't exceptionally stupid. So success!!!!

5. Signed up to participate in the D.C Counter Culture Festival this October 24th and considering a table at the MOCCA Festival this April 2011.

6. Dinner at Joyce's afterwards.

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