Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Project Supernatural

Yes. I did it. SUPERNATURAL fan art.
This took longer than it should have, but it was a nice challenge and experiment.

The goal was to combine this:


The idea came from one of my London Sketches (back in March that I forgot to post):

of Crivelli's painting of St. Michael vs. the Devil,
where I also took those awesome knee armor from!

Also I just wanted to do fan art. :P


  1. haha, it's so INTENSE.
    eya what's up with the monk getting his head chopped? that how he became sainted?

    I like the texture of the borders & the text, the way you did the wings &, the feet, a lot. for some reason.

    I was wondering abt the similarities in the angelic poses in your reference pieces, but then I guess it was cos you chose those pieces specifically for pose reference, not cos ppl liked to paint fighting angels in only one position. what a self-righteous little head tilt. and always with the humiliating stepping on.

  2. Wow, I can't believe I missed this. I LOVE Supernatural! Combining the medieval and Renaissance imagery with the show was a great idea! The wings and the way you drew Sam are my favorites. His pose is so perfect!