Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween: Ghost Story

Ghost Story page 1 by arisuvar
Ghost Story page 1, a photo by arisuvar on Flickr.

Check out flickr for the rest of the first 3 pages of my comic "Ghost Story" which actually ended up being more of a vignette of ghost related stories. This was part of my submission for the M.I.C.C competition, the full story is 14 pages, BUT I finished JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN (deadline was the 31st anyways)

also another contribution to Ten Paces for the November Mix-tape to "Sleep on the Dance Floor" by the Postelles:


  1. yo ariyana - wuts up! i was checking out this person website: and there was link to your work. i was like.. lol i know that person. you done with school?

    1. Hey,
      Yes I am, for now. Sorry for my late reply. I haven't been updating in a while.