Thursday, February 12, 2009

Final for the Far far Away assignment

So I decided to paint this on canvas....and halfway through I realized....I can't paint. I have this problem with creating forms without lines. Or if I have lines I avoid painting them out, or if I do paint them out, I unconciously paint them back in.
it's a mix of traditional and digital. I miss the lines, but I think the lighting is better....maybe...?
I just know I'm done. ugh.
but my favorite part. The Tardis.


  1. IF I get picked.. ;___;

    I know I can't paint details anymore traditionally, the lines just don't look as good than say photoshop :(

    if you haven't, you should also try out Corel Painter ~ but yeah it's always nice to paint though, how big is one? :O

  2. nah, he's like in S.Korea, offering like a virtual art assistant job.. I watch him on dA ~