Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Belated Valentines Day.

This is has been a very productive day for posting.
The comic is for illustrophilia and the other picture is for parapagus.


  1. ariyana. good lord what have you done. the siamese twins can't possibly be in love with each other. that's gross. i hope you don't love yourself that much. on the other hand, i wish i was eating a burger now.

  2. nah don't think of it that way! The main point of the thread wasn't that $$$ for a uni is bad, but rather if you're going to pay that much, better make the most of it and squeeze as much as you can get out of the school's resources~

    Since you're super hardworking, I'm sure it's not a waste~ Besides you guys have awesome courses and more teachers in the field working?