Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thesis: Holy Hamburger Part 2 and 3

Two more paintings for my 4 Part Holy Hamburger series. See Part one here.
Part two:
Was less trouble, but had a whole new set of problems since I decided to work inversely, white on black, which I haven't done before.

Part 3: Came out the best. better planned. Worked on it on the same time as Part 4 which I then abandoned in order to have this finished by finals. Condensed 3 weeks-1 month work in 1.5 week. But not without consequence. This was Nyquil/Motrin/Sick/chronique nosebleeds because of the excessive Nyquil/no sleep week.

Lessons Learned: Time management fail. Gained ability to feel nothing until 6-7 a.m., Possible irrevocable liver damage.

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