Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Last Finals

These are the last finals I will ever do (unless I live long enough to ever make it/decide to do grad school).
Finally finished the painting for Youngmi's class. Maybe it'll go faster when I figure out the perfect consistency for the white pigment, it's difficult because it goes on translucent, so I can't tell what it looks like until it dries....When I figure it out I'll paint a series, or maybe I'll give up and just snort the rest of that white powder/pigment.

Also I took life drawing with Mary J. Arthur and this is my final and some work that I liked. It's a sophomore level class, but I still learned a LOT. A LOT. And it was nice approaching work in the complete opposite way. (no contour, shading, pencil/charcoal)

My final is a simple self-portrait of my buried in a bed/coffin of books and food. Also I think I went full circle on this one, because this is the way I used to work when I was a freshman, not sure of my materials, lots of layering to make up for lack of skill, making a mess all over the place, hoping that the hours of effort would somehow be absorbed into the fibers of the I only work this way maybe 20% of the time.
It looks depressing, but that would be the ideal way I'd like to go. That or exploding into flames on a neon star studded rhinestone motocycle.My roomate says that I would enjoy a heart attack, apparently it's akin to the warm fiery feeling I get after some tequila.


  1. you don't need to have a heart attack to get that fiery feeling. you can hold your breath until it burns or exercise really intensely. you don't HAVE to die! (or take such a severe risk)

    hahahah I like your emphatic cries of "A LOT. A LOT."

    and re: "no contour, shading, and pencil/charcoal" what do you mean by tt? like, emphasis on shading & pencil/charcoal as opposed to digital/inks/etc (dunno what you use..)?

    when I saw the first painting in your room, I felt uneasy but didn't really know why, but now I think it's prob cos of their skeletons showing. and smth abt their posture/expressions/handholding reminds me of haunted paintings that induce dastardly consequences upon all those who gaze upon!

    hahaha "all great paintings must contain a skull."

  2. i'm glad you had that creepy feeling with that painting, I was thinking a lot of things when I was making it. I'll prob explain it more to you in person rather than post it here.

    also " no contour, shading and pencil/charcaol" means that usually i draw with contour rather than start from the inside, i usually use flat colors instead of shading to create volume, and i'm more comfortable with brush and ink instead of pencil.