Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cover page that's missing a title....HELP

the Cover Design for my comics that I actually finished a while ago but forgot to post, also here's the initial thumbnail, it's sumi ink on bristol.
See that person in that hamburger cage, it's me! See that blank space----
That's where the title that I still can't think of is going to go,

So if anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment.

If I use your title, then you get a free copy once it's year....
and if I can't find anyone to publish it, I'll just make it myself and sent it to you!
Or any other options of gratitute can be discussed by email.


  1. Don't stick me between buns because I'm claustrophobic

    Too long? Yes.

    But I like it because it's nonsensical and also addresses fears - which I think is an emotion you cover pretty well in your comics :D

  2. Good(/nice/other adj) Wind Today