Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Senior Graduation Exhibition Show and Holy Hamburger Goddess

I guess this month is going to be mostly me posting work I didn't have time to post from the last couple of months. I finally finished the fourth painting in The Holy Hamburger series
I think because I did this painting after my comic stories, the style is slightly different from the other three. I'd like to do about 4 more in the future and then be done for the rest of my life....but we'll see. (for early sketches for this painting go here. And to see image in better detail, go here.)

Here is my exhibition for my senior graduation show. The frames and bowls were spray painted gold because I couldn't get gold looking ones in time. The wall alter was provided by my family and I sculpted and painted the hamburgers with acrylic, clear gesso, and sculpey .

My exhibition process is like my art making process, a series of mistakes and problems I had to either solve or hide. What works better than smoke and mirrors?

Gold and Food.

Part of the gallery space, my mother and my sister.

Also, here was my proposal/plans for my exhibition. It's interesting to see how things change according to what is feasible. Good practice for the future. I wasn't even done with the last painting when I had to plan this!

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