Friday, March 4, 2011

New Comic for MoCCA: LUM

So I failed at blog posting for February, but I WAS working so here is the comic
I made for the Sundays Anthology: Forever Changes:

(ALSO the anthology will be released at MoCCA Festival this upcoming April 9.
And I will be there with my fellow members of
the Society of the OKAY
, Emma Rochon and Annie Wu):

The theme of the anthology was constant change, cycles, progress, growth/decay...
so I took the opportunity to show some of the process of Thai Dancing.
I used to actually do Thai Dancing from 6th grade - Junior year of high school.
Here. Proof:

I always meant to make this comic, since Thai dancing/Lum pretty made up most of my Sundays when I was young(er) and other than eating Thai food, listening to my parents yelling at me in Thai, and the urge to bling everything in gold,
I pretty much failed at everything else Thai related (speaking/writing, musical instruments, current events, history, etiquette) except this.

I think it turned out alright...I couldn't make it as elaborate as I wanted to and I mismatched the costumes a bit. ALSO this is not really apparent, but the costume is actually for the male role in the comic. Since there were basically only girls learning Thai Dancing at my temple, half of us learned the male style/role of dancing and the other learned female.

So guess which side I was on.
(Male role was more fun anyways, the movements were bolder, and I didn't have to worry about keeping my legs together and I was never very good at acting demure or pretending to run away from the man (common Thai female dance move))

ALSO I'm working on another illustration for fun. Preview (lately I've been really into Krasue ever since I went to the TCDC Ghost Exhibition in Bangkok back in Dec.)

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