Sunday, January 4, 2009

Character Development Class

Here's some work from my Character Development class, which was also taught by Brian Ralph. I also had trouble with color in this class, actually maybe it was just during this semester in general, but I tried really hard, so I hope it shows. Again, starting with the most recent work before the final assignment, the TV Pitch, which i will post eventually:

Toy Design Project. The Advertisement and the Product. I think kids would love to play with a dead body containing alien parasites.


Character Design for Charm City Roller girl. Her hands came out too small. I like my sketches better, I might post them later, but here's the character in her environment. Not as successful, maybe because I need to stop coloring at night.

Character redesign assignment. I did two designs for the Pillsbury dough boy, but I went too far in both extremes, but it was fun. People said they liked it, but maybe not for the right reasons. Just like how I like this video.

The assignment was to do more than 10 characters.
3 characters in an environment. No more religious warfare, just DDR. like Rain and Stephen Colbert.

Designing a single character in an environment. This isn't so much a character as an illustration of Takeru Kobayashi. The perspective is funny at the bottom, but it's still one of my favorite things I've done this semester, subject wise at least. I should do one for Sonya Thomas too, she's AWESOME! I love the commercial they're in together:

In class sketch, morphing a character, "cute to brute".
In class sketch, making a character based around a shape.
Silhouette assignment, designing a character while carefully considering their shape, the silhouette ended up being more interesting than the actual design, but that's okay.

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