Monday, January 26, 2009

Drink Reviews/Sketches/ Yes I'm that bored

Lately I've been going to the korean market with my sister and buying a bunch of
different drinks that I normally would be afraid of. This is partially for the Edible class that I'm not officially in, the need to feed my obsession with collecting food packages, and because I'm .....bored. La. Oh yeah, and it was a bad idea to drink them all at once. blaaargh. Also I forgot to mention the green drink in "Yes! The Best!" is Green plum.


  1. You should try Grass Jelly Drink. It experience. Also an experience is Bird's Nest Drink, also known as white fungus drink. It tastes like candy corn and has chunks that I avoided when I tried it.

    I'll have to try that Pocari Sweat stuff sometime! (and I've had Milo but I didn't really like it? I don't remember why.)

  2. mmmm I never tried the Pocari Sweat.. only had the candy before :o You should try uhh I think it's called Calpico or something, it's like white and has blue packaging~ AND RAMUNE if you haven't...

    as for the comment over on my blog :P I spend my weekends / day off working on it instead of going out or sleeping, (when I don't need the extra time for hw) ahh I'm so recluse @_@

  3. lol ariyana...u've gotme hooked on aloe! ^_^ i dun think i'll like grapefruit lime salty just doesn't sound gud...nor any of the jus cool stuff??? ur drawings made me i got a coke!!!

  4. what'd you use to color it? and you know what, Pocari Sweat- I guess the taste actually does resemble sweat, now that you mention the salty tanginess. hahhaa. still good though. BETTER than sweat, I dare say.