Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sketchbook Pages for Concepts Class

These are the sketchbook pages I did for the Sketchbook project in my concepts class. Each person was supposed to come up with a story for their sketchbook and each week we would trade off sketchbooks and illustrate a different story. Even though it got a little difficult each week to do this side project along with the main projects, I found it fun and refreshing playing with different mediums. Anyways, here they are, although I don't remember whose story was whose:

A mouse in search of berries in a grocery store.

A man in search of his face in his dreams.

A girl in search of exotic foods (my story.)
An old lady in search of an invisible bird.
Astronaut bird exploring the universe and fighting aliens.
A man who lost his memory and wants to find home.
A hedgehog searching for his umbrella.

Cover for a story about an albino hamster (?) vs. his shadow.

Story about an astronaut cat going against NASA.

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