Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Intro to 3D

This is work from my intro to 3D class taught by Greg Foertsch, who works here. This class was difficult, but definitely worth taking. 3D max is a good tool to know, or at least experiment with as an art tool. I found out that I like texturing a lot. My models weren't that great, but lighting, color, and texture can improve a lot of things. I'd definitely love to learn other programs, or continue exploring 3D. I miss 2D animation though. I'd like to continue with either, but I'll have to see what I can do in my schedule. Again, starting with the most recent work. I'll post the final later. (the progressing is very obvious because I'd never used the program before ^_^):

Creating an environment, first animation (moving the camera and object in the scene) I never figured out why the oyster edges don't connect....anyways, the video looks better in higher quality...if you feel like going through the link to youtube.

Midterm. YUM.

More organic materials, playing with the terrain.

More detailed objects, addition of textures, pelting.
Basic shapes, lighting, color.

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