Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sketches for Far Far Away assignment for Concepts Class

Sketches for Concepts. The assignment is "Far Far Away" Illustrating from a list of imaginary places. the first sketch is for Chana, a place where people worship various things that change daily. The second and last sketches is for Alifbay, the saddest city that is divided betweent he rich, middle class, and poor.



  1. mm I really like the idea for Alifbay, literally cardboard box castle..

  2. ooo these are the sketches for ur weird world project or wotev?? lux so time consuimg...i realli like the top sketch! i like ow when u first look at it it lux like one thing...but then u when u take a closer luk u realize wot it is you're lukin if that makes sense...aren't u glad im not the one who does ur critiques?? :D

  3. those vids were crazy @_@

    the mica one really reminded me of Kafka's Metamorphosis, and the Japanese one of those scary kabuki dolls but I really liked it~